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Here are some examples of recent work published for our clients.

Fraud in the
Digital Experience Era

An in-depth TM Forum Research report on how cybercriminals attack high value systems and processes and what CSPs can do to stop them.

Future Customer Experience
from Digital to Omnichannel

Get a global look at how CSP execs are steering their CX transformations and where they’ll invest to reinvent their technology platforms.

How leaders beat the status quo and egoists fail to

From our “The Insider” column in The Evolving Enterprise. This article examines positive and negative leadership styles in the race to digital.

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We believe in the truism “under-promise and over-deliver.”

When I needed an editor with serious chops to produce a high-impact thought leadership e-book, I turned to Ed. Thanks to his great professionalism, attention to both details and the big picture, and ability to execute, the project was a success and the company has promoted the e-book for more than a decade.”

Adam Boone
Prime Product Consulting

Ed is one of the most dynamic individuals I’ve had the opportunity to work with. His knowledge of the industry and ability to present his vision are what make him successful as an innovative thought leader.”

Sharief Elgamal
Dayblink Consulting

We solve your content problems.

Creating world-class content continuously is difficult, but it’s what we do best. Together we can bring your latest ideas, innovations and success stories online and into the public eye. 

Produce a Custom Publication

Sometimes you need to define a space and show why you’re its leader. We have a history of delivering brand-building custom publications that achieve exactly this and persist for years.

Example: Subex’s ROC Resource Book is still going strong

Keep Your Website Fresh

Your corporate website is the face of your business. When your content ages, you look out of date. From copy and design to video and downloadables, we bring and keep your best success stories and messages in focus.

Create an Awesome Sizzle Reel

You’re hosting an event. You’ve got customers, prospects and analysts in a room. Don’t bore them. We create the sizzle reel that sets the tone, warms up the crowd and delivers your story with impact.

Example: Inspiration for Digital Transformation

Propel Your Thought Leadership

You know your product, your business and your markets. But a tech brand needs to be recognized as an innovator. Turning your value proposition into thought leadership is an art, it never ends and we’ve done it for two decades.

Read our story in The Evolving Enterprise on Digital Misses

Empower Your Sales Team

Sales reps must communicate constantly with your prospects and customers. We deliver powerful intel, stories and pitches that let them stay relevant while focusing on those business-critical relationships.

Example: Getting Ahead of the 5G/IoT Partnership Wave

Make Your Exhibit Stand Out

Major tradeshows are overwhelming to the senses. Your messages are easily lost in the chaos. We deliver messaging, exhibit copy, video and demos that make sure your exhibit and your value proposition stand out.

We provide expertise.

About Ed Finegold, Founder

Ed’s diverse background spans 20 years as a reporter, author, digital start-up leader, corporate communications director and consultant to some of the world’s largest technology companies. He is known for his writing and storytelling skill; market expertise; ability to deliver complex, deadline-driven content projects; and for building durable organizational processes that help companies grow.

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